Chinatsu Kobayashi 

Étudiante au doctorat, histoire de l’art, UQAM

Chinatsu Kobayashi (Université du Québec à Montréal) is a Ph.D. student in art history with a thesis entitled John Ruskin on Natural Shape and Ornamentation and the Birth of Art Nouveau, focusing on Ruskin’s aesthetic theory and its influence on Arts & Crafts and early Belgian Art Nouveau. She also holds a Ph. D. in philosophy (University of Ottawa), with a thesis on Collingwood on Re-enactment:
Understanding in History and Interpretation in Art. She is the author
of a number of papers, including “Heidegger, Japanese Aesthetics, and the Idea of a ‘Dialogue’ between East and West”, “ British Idealist Aesthetics, Collingwood, Wollheim and the Origins of Analytic Aesthetics”, and with M. Marion, “Gadamer and Collingwood on Temporal Distance and Understanding”. She is interested in interdisciplinary aspects of philosophy and art history

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