Gonzalo Muñoz-Vera

Ph.D. Candidate, School of Architecture, McGill

Gonzalo Munoz-Vera (Santiago, 1981) is a Chilean architect and current Ph.D. candidate at McGill University School of Architecture (Montreal,
Canada). He holds a Master in Architecture degree from the University of Chile (2006) and a postprofessional M.Arch. (History and Theory option) from McGill University (2012). Since 2005 he has studied the influence of images on the spread and understanding of architecture
in printed media. Gonzalo is currently the Principal Investigator for the research project titled “Chilean Architecture in the CA Bulletin 1944-1963” awarded by the National Council for Culture and Arts (Chile, 2019-20). Based in Montreal, his doctoral research topic deals with the increasing dominance of virtual reality and visual media in architecture. His aim has been focused on the role that Panoramas from the nineteenth century have had on architectural representation as proto-virtual media of distant places.

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