Peter Sealy

PhD candidate, Harvard University

Peter Sealy is a PhD candidate whose dissertation charts the productive utility for architects of photography in late-nineteenth-century architectural publications. A chapter exploring this argument is forthcoming in Blackwell’s Companion to 19th Century Architecture (2015), edited by Christina Contandriopoulos and Martin Bressani. He co-authored with Martin Bressani an article on the photographs published with Charles Garnier’s Le Nouvel Opéra, published in Art and the Early Photographic Album (CASVA, 2011). Peter’s research on Émile Zola and the immateriality of 19th century iron buildings will be published in Function and Fantasy (Routledge, 2016), a volume he co-edited with Paul Dobraszczyk. Peter holds architecture degrees from McGill University (B.Sc. Arch 2004 & M. Arch 2006) and the Harvard GSD (M. Arch II 2008). He has previously presented at numerous scholarly conferences, including those of the RIBA, the INHA, the CAA, the AAH, the SAH and the SAHANZ. His has written articles for Abitare, Canadian Architect, Domus, Harvard Design Magazine and Oris.

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